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I was introduced to Wong Fu Productions back in 2011 when a video called “Buffet - Wong Fu x Harry Shum Jr.” was in the suggested column on Youtube after I watched a random video that Harry had posted. That short was… OMG beyond hilarious and I could not stop laughing! xD After that I kept clicking on other videos & more & more such as Strangers, Again, Kung Fooled, One Million Subscribers, Hugger. I actually ended up watching almost every video that has been uploaded in less than 2 months. I completely fell in love with Phil, Ted and Wes which made me introduce it to my little sister :D WFP also in a way made me embrace and be proud of my Chinese/Asian culture and lead me to the interest of taking media studies at school.

A year later, Phil came to New Zealand for a visit and I got to meet him, it was amazing :’) I fangirled so much I couldn’t stop shaking (I know.. silly me). I don’t have a favourite video from them because I love all of them including WFWs and the BTS; however overall, although I wished I knew about Wong Fu back when it all first started, no words can describe how grateful I am to know who they are and the amazing efforts they put in creating masterpieces that we can all relate to.

I’m extremely proud of them and cannot wait to see more amazing veeeeedddeeeooos *Ted‘s Voice*

Happy 10 year anniversary WFP! THANK YOU to Phil, Ted, Wes and the crew for all your hard work in doing this for us fans! :D

*Ted’s Voice (again)* WongFu4Lyfeee! <3

From: Rachel | New Zealand :)

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